Create web content is king is to survive

www.teahome贵族宝贝.cn/ share button in the view, site visitors every day at around 7000. More than 70 thousand pv. The station hang sharing plugin. The use of consistent style and their blog. While only one month share 705 times. (below) website and no 10 times on my website. However, they share a day the number is […]

Do the chain of common mistakes and how to correct the chain

search engine optimization, if highly summarized, it is with the chain chain, the chain is easy to control, the chain is difficult to control, no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, the chain for Shanghai dragon ranking in the proportion is still relatively large, especially for some small, for example enterprise station, station […]

Five tips on optimizing the website images

we all know when to do publicity, there must be a clear theme, not two or three, there is only one. A represents the direction, clear. At the same time in our website design style, want to know what’s your own web site, should use what kind of picture. For example: we do a beauty […]

Discussion on the role of long tail keywords

what is the long tail keywords and long tail keywords is different, although not as popular keywords flow is so large, but a large number of small, competition, only need a little bit of resources can be in the front row, and all the long tail keywords flow up no more than less popular keywords. […]